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"Antiques from Đông Sơn culture in Thanh Hóa"

Date 30 - 01 - 2016

The book was published by the Thanh Hóa Provincial Department of Culture and Information on the occasion of commemorate the 80th year since the discovery of Đông Sơn Culture in order to introduce to the public about artifacts of Đông Sơn Culture and antiques of Thanh Hóa – the sacred land of outstanding people.

The book introduces typical antiques of Đông Sơn Culture that was discovered in Thanh Hóa. Besides, it provides general introduction about the achievements of research gained through 80 years since the discovery of Đông Sơn Culture and bring in some monographs about Đông Sơn Culture in Thanh Hóa. The content of the book is also about Đông Sơn ancient village; Đồng Cổ Temple, bronze casting in Trà Đông Village, and some aspects of the relations between Mường people and Đông Sơn Culture… This is a precious document and a valuable scientific work that contributes to the research about and the conservation and promotion of Đông Sơn cultural heritage. The book includes 155 pages in the format of 21x30cm, which was published in 2004 by the Thanh Hóa Publishing House.

We respectfully introduce the book to readers!

 Ngân Dung


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