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"Scientific announcement"

Date 29 - 01 - 2016

Of all the past activities of the Thanh Hóa Museum, scientific research has always been a focus. In 2006, the Museum published the book titled Scientific Announcement.



The articles in the book gave introduction about professional work of the Museum, typical artifacts and antiques, and historical figures and events... Besides, the book is also a place to exchange information on museum activities and the issued raised for the museum work of the Thanh Hóa Museum in particular and of museums all over the country in general during the innovation and integration period.

Until now, three volumes of the Scientific Announcement has been published: Volume 1 included 245 pages, which was published in 2006; Volume 2 was published in 2007 with 147 pages; and Volume 3 consisted 209 pages and was published in 2009.

We respectfully introduce these publications to readers!

Ngân Dung


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