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The visits of uncle Ho to Thanh Hoa

Date 29 - 01 - 2016

After the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was found, despite many difficulties and challenges, the government and people in Thanh Hoa province with the whole country expressed their determination to firmly protect the young administration, smash all reactionary conspiracy of the hostile forces.

During his life, Uncle Ho is always interested in tracking every step of the Party Committee and people in Thanh Hoa that are specifically expressed by the times Uncle Ho visited Thanh Hoa over the years 1947, 1957, 1960, 1961.

* The first time: On 20th February 1947, president Ho Chi Minh did visit Thanh Hoa. In the meetings with the key officials of the province in the Thong forest; in the meeting with intellectuals, notable and people of the city and in his letter to people living in the upland, he tasked the Party Committee and people in Thanh Hoa: "... Must become a model province ... right how for all aspects of politics, economics and military have been the model. "

* The second time: After the victory of the resistance against the French, the North was completely liberated, Thanh Hoa did rapidly complete the national revolution, the people's democracy, overcome the consequences of war, conduct the socialist renovation and the first 5-year plan (1961-1965), wholeheartedly support for the South frontline against America. On 13th June 1957, Uncle Ho visited Thanh Hoa again. He visited a number of places: The School for Southern Children; He did talk with more than one thousand delegates from all walks of people in the provincial area of ​​public relations ... The admonitions and advice of president Ho Chi Minh always cheer, strongly encourage and motivate the Party Committee and Thanh Hoa people to energetically strive to achieve significant success.

*. The third time: In 1960, Uncle Ho did speak to the delegates at the the sixth Thanh Hoa Trade Union Congress (19th July 1960). Then, he visited Sam Son and drew up a net with Sam Son people. The image of the old father which is close still lingers in the deep memories of every people in Sam Son town and Thanh Hoa province, expresses caring, compassionate heart of Uncle Ho for Thanh Hoa people.

* The fourth also as the last time that Uncle Ho visited Thanh Hoa is in 1961. In those days visiting Thanh Hoa (11-12 /12/1961) He visited some places in the province such as the Thanh Cong Mechanical Cooperatives, Thanh Hoa Mechanical Factory, Yen Truong Agricultural Cooperatives (Yen Dinh district). On behalf of the Party Central Committee and Government, President Ho Chi Minh praised the achievements that the People's Party and Thanh Hoa people won and reminded the leaders of the province to unite, agree and wholeheartedly serve the people to make Thanh Hoa to become a prosperous province. On 02/12/1961, at the provincial Stadium, Uncle did conduct a choir for Thanh Hoa people to sing "Ket doan" song.

Our beloved Uncle Ho did pass away, but his images - the national hero, a world cultural celebrity, are still in mind of every Vietnamese people. Each generation of Thanh Hoa people prides of Thanh Hoa, a land of revolutionary tradition, follows his teachings and has determination to make Thanh Hoa to become a model province on the path of industrialization - modernization of the country.

Dương Mỹ Dung


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