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Some Types of Artifacts Discovered during the Excavation of Đông Sơn Archaeological Site

Date 29 - 07 - 2016

The Đông Sơn archaeological site locates on the banks of the Mã River. It was the first vestige of the Đông Sơn Culture to be discovered and studied in 1924. Until now, many archaeological excavations that were carried out have provided valuable scientific information about this site. These archaeological documents reveal the continuity of cultural development during the first millennium BC through the first century AD.

In 2016, the Institute of Archaeology in collaboration with the Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum and the relevant authorities continued to conduct research and carry out excavations in Đông Sơn vestige. After nearly two months, a cultural layer that is 0.8 meter in depth was revealed. Its upper level shows evidence of late burials that belong to the later stage of the Đông Sơn Culture. Four mound graves, trace of a brick tomb, and a lot of faience, porcelain, pottery and earthenware were discovered. The lower level shows evidence of residence of the people living in the period of Đông Sơn Culture. Both cultural layers lie beneath the river mud that is 0.6 meter in depth.

Total number of artifacts to be discovered is 4,325, in which a small number of artifacts stay intact, for example: terracotta spinning plumbs, stone grinding tables, pottery pots, faience bowls, and bricks etc. The rest includes 3,210 rough ceramic pieces, 2 pieces of copper pots, and some other artifacts such as: pieces of tripods, spinning plumbs, pieces of grinding tables, stone tools, and small metal pieces. Ironwork had not been made here. The presence of these kinds of artifacts has better proved the diversity of types of artifacts in Đông Sơn vestige.


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