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"Thanh Hoá museum’s antiquities"

Date 28 - 01 - 2019

The Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum now is home to a remarkably diverse array of over 28,000 Thanh  Hoa’s unique cultural treasures, including ancient archaeological finds of great beauty and importance and powerfully evocative historic artifacts relating to the province’s modern revolution history.

In order to promote the cultural heritage values, the Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum compiled a catalogue “Thanh Hóa Museum’s antiquities”,  introduce the most excellent artifacts of period from prehistory to the 19th century, collected in Thanh Hóa  region, preserved at the Museum. The content of the catalogue is divided into 6 parts:

- Prehsitoric times

- The Đông Sơn culture period

- From the 1st to the 10th  century AD

- Lý - Trần - Hồ Dynasties (11th - 15th centuryAD)

- Later Lê Dynasty (15th - 18th centuryAD)

- Nguyễn Dynasty (19th to the Mid- 20th centuryAD)

Each of the objects is a valuable treasure, embodies a critical dimension of Thanh Hóa province’s rich historical past and national as well. Through this book, we hope to provide visitors with useful information to enhance your experience of the Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum.

We highly recommend the book to all readers.

Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum


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