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Introduction to exhibition system of Thanh Hoa museum

Đăng ngày 28 - 01 - 2016

Thanh Hoa museum is an architectural complex with three buildings built in French Colonization Period. The tradition and modern three-floor exhibition house locates in large area with big trees, on Trang Thi road, an ancient name referring to the Confucian education in Nguyen dynasty. There is still a stone stele erected in the 3rd year reign of Thanh Thai King (1892).

The exhibition system of Thanh Hoa museum is set up in historical chronological order, from the beginning of human life in Thanh Hoa to present time. This historical process is being expressed in 4 rooms named “Thanh Hoa in prehistory”, “Thanh Hoa in Independent State Construction and Defense Period, 10th century to 19th century” “Thanh Hoa Revolutionary and Patriotic Tradition, 1858-1945” “Thanh Hoa in State Construction and Defense Period, 1945-1975”

Besides the main exhibition system, Thanh Hoa museum also has 3 rooms for specific historical topics, for example a special antique collection, a unique cultural feature... These are “Bronze Drums found in Thanh Hoa” “Typical cultural characteristics of Muong people in Thanh Hoa” “Typical cultural characteristics of Thai people in Thanh Hoa”.

In the integration process, with new exhibition methods, Thanh Hoa museum is gradually modernizing the main exhibition system and set up new ones such as “Thanh Hoa Nature” “Thanh Hoa in Defense Period for National Independence, 1th century to 10th century” “Thanh Hoa from 1975 to Present” and 3 topic exhibition rooms such as “Thanh Hoa Fine Arts” “Thanh Hoa Celebrities” “Thanh Hoa Traditional Handicrafts” “Typical cultural characteristics of Viet, Dao, Mong, Kho Mu, Tho people in Thanh Hoa”. Absolutely, through the exhibition system, antique objects or collections will gradually be shown to the public, meet the demand of researchers and visitors enjoying the truly cultural values of Thanh Hoa, a potential province in Vietnam.

Le Hong Su

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