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  • Currently, there are one provincial museum, 8 museums, traditional houses, and traditional rooms at the district level, 17 traditional rooms at the communal level or of different sectors, and one private museum in Thanh Hóa Province.

  • Museums are place to keep and display collections of objects, antiques, and documents that reflect typical historical and cultural events of localities, ethnic groups, or countries in the world.

  • In July 2014, Thanh Hoa museum did collect more than 30 unique, valuable and rare artifacts in which three ceramics (including two lamp-stands and one incense burner) date back to Le So period, fifteenth-sixteenth centuries.

  • In November 2013, the Novosibirsk Institute of Archaeology – Ethnology, Russian Academy of Science, and the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology carried out the excavation in Diêm Cave in Sánh Village, Thành Yên Commune, Thạch Thành District, Thanh Hóa Province.

  • In order to carry out the project Collecting and conserving objects and adjusting exhibition content and design at the Thanh Hóa Museum phase 2010-2020 and the plan of object collecting in 2014 as well as to commemorate the 90th year since the discovery of Đông Sơn Culture, the Thanh Hóa Museum has collected eight bronze drums, five of which are of Heger I type, two of Heger II type, and one of Heger III type. They all were found in the area of Thanh Hóa Province.

  • Through a system of documents and typical objects, the exhibitions at the Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum introduces the country’s historical process in a condensed but lively and remarkable way, which helps visitors to understand about the history directly, specifically, and effectively.

  • Running the cooperation on organizing the exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the first victory of Vietnam People’s Navy and the Northern Armed Forces (2-5/8/1964 - 2-5/8/2014) which will open in the 7th July 2014, the Thanh Hoa museum did collect and borrow more than 100 objects from the Thanh Hoa naval veterans.

  • In order to facilitate organizations and individuals who have not had opportunity to directly visit the Museum, for many years, the Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum has focused on the organization of traveling exhibitions in parallel with its permanent exhibitions.

  • Object conservation is one of six main works of the Thanh Hóa Museum and be an important work.

  • In the past years, Thanh Hóa Museum has focused on doing research and collecting materials and artifacts of Đông Sơn Culture. We have collaborated with the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology and the Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities under the Vietnam National University to organize a number of archaeological excavations in such sites of Đông Sơn Culture as Đông Sơn, Thiệu Dương, Vực Thượng, Bản Khạt, Núi Sen etc. We have also constantly collected thousands of precious objects, which has helped to enrich our storage and serve the work of exhibition and communication.

  • Ngày 06/3/2015, Bảo tàng tỉnh Thanh Hóa đã tổ chức tọa đàm Kỷ niệm 105 năm Ngày Quốc tế Phụ nữ (8/3/1910 - 8/3/2015), 1975 năm Khởi nghĩa Hai Bà Trưng và diễn ra hội thi “Hát về người phụ nữ Việt Nam” giữa các nữ cán bộ viên chức, người lao động trong đơn vị.


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