Useful information

- Adress:

Thanh Hoa Provincial Museum, 206 Truong Thi Street, Thanh Hoa city, Thanh Hoa, Viet Nam

- Opening time:

The Museum opens everyday (except Saturday and Sunday, visitors need preregistration)

Summer: Morning: 7h00  to 11h00

               Afternoon: 13h30 to 16h30

Winter: Morning: 7h30  to 11h30

            Afternoon: 13h00 to 16h00

- Ticket price: Free for all visitors

- Visiting regulation:

1. For requesting guides, Visitors in groups want to visit in day-off please contact with the Display and Communication Division.

2. Visitors would like to take photos or record videos, please present a recommendation of authorities and to the consent of museum leaders or the leaders of specialized offices.

3. If visitors have any comments, please go to the Display and Communication Division write down on our comments note-book.

4. Things cannot bring into the exhibition hall: weapons, substance that can cause fire, toxic products. Please leave luggages at the permanent table (near the doorway) except money and jewelry.

5. Keep our visiting environment clean, no smoking, eating and making noise.

6. No touching the objects and display equipments, compliance under the guidance of Museum staff.

- Map:
- Contact:

+ Phone number: (02.373) 854.526 - 852.967

+ Mobile phone: 0913.349.305

+ Email: