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Socializing museum activities in Thanh Hóa (01/02/2016)

Currently, there are one provincial museum, 8 museums, traditional houses, and traditional rooms at the district level, 17 traditional rooms at the communal level or of different sectors, and one private museum in Thanh Hóa Province.

Museum as one of attractive destinations for visitors and tourists (01/02/2016)

Museums are place to keep and display collections of objects, antiques, and documents that reflect typical historical and cultural events of localities, ethnic groups, or countries in the world.

Museum activities in educating about tradition and promoting values of the collection of Điện Biên Phủ historical objects (31/01/2016)

Through a system of documents and typical objects, the exhibitions at the Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum introduces the country’s historical process in a condensed but lively and remarkable way, which helps visitors to understand about the history directly, specifically, and effectively.

The recently - collected ceramics in Thanh Hoa museum (31/01/2016)

In July 2014, Thanh Hoa museum did collect more than 30 unique, valuable and rare artifacts in which three ceramics (including two lamp-stands and one incense burner) date back to Le So period, fifteenth-sixteenth centuries.

Result of the excavation in Diêm cave (31/01/2016)

In November 2013, the Novosibirsk Institute of Archaeology – Ethnology, Russian Academy of Science, and the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology carried out the excavation in Diêm Cave in Sánh Village, Thành Yên Commune, Thạch Thành District, Thanh Hóa Province.

The new bronze drums collected (31/01/2016)

In order to carry out the project Collecting and conserving objects and adjusting exhibition content and design at the Thanh Hóa Museum phase 2010-2020 and the plan of object collecting in 2014 as well as to commemorate the 90th year since the discovery of Đông Sơn Culture, the Thanh Hóa Museum...

Travelling exhibitions organized by the Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum (29/01/2016)

In order to facilitate organizations and individuals who have not had opportunity to directly visit the Museum, for many years, the Thanh Hóa Provincial Museum has focused on the organization of traveling exhibitions in parallel with its permanent exhibitions.

Some Types of Artifacts Discovered during the Excavation of Đông Sơn Archaeological Site (29/07/2016)

The Đông Sơn archaeological site locates on the banks of the Mã River. It was the first vestige of the Đông Sơn Culture to be discovered and studied in 1924. Until now, many archaeological excavations that were carried out have provided valuable scientific information about this site. These...

The Image of Women of Thanh Area in the Fight to Protect Hàm Rồng Bridge (27/04/2016)

This Hàm Rồng victory recognized an enormous contribution of women, which highlighted the heroic tradition of Thanh Hóa women in particular and of Vietnamese women in general

Dog statues in stone sculpture of Việt Nam (03/02/2016)

Dog, one of the wild animals, was early domesticated by humans. With their intelligent and loyal instinct, dogs have always been valued and become the human’s friend.

Some features about burials and Đông Sơn people's custom of burying burial goods (03/02/2016)

The quantity as well as types of burial goods in Đông Sơn burials show their owners’ role and position in the society.

Confering diplomas in Thanh Hoa Museum (02/02/2016)

Confering Diplomas could appear in fifteenth century, Le dynasty, confirmed by King’s seal, bearing state’s confirmation and showing court power to villages. Together with the other historical records, such as : royal proclamations, royal decrees, inscriptions, family annals…confering diploma is...

"Van Co Cuong Thuong" hengfei in "Hoa Thuong Hoi Quan" (02/02/2016)

“Van Co Cuong Thuong” (eternalness constant obligations of morality) hengfei in “Hoa Thuong Hoi Quan” (Chinese traders club-house) (now, Thanh Hoa Publishing House, No 248, Tran Phu street, Ba Dinh district, Thanh Hoa city) is one of the biggest and the most intact hengfei being kept in the Thanh...

Meo Pagoda's bell, Le dynasty, in Thanh Hoa Museum (01/02/2016)

Thanh Hoa museum is keeping and promoting the value of Meo pagoda’s bell, Le dynasty. This bronze bell is originally from Meo pagoda (so called Chu pagoda), Chieng Ban village, Quang Hien commune, Lang Chanh district, Thanh Hoa province. Meo pagoda has real name as “Dinh Mieu Tu”

President Hồ Chí Minh and the rear in Thanh Hóa Province during the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and the US imperialists (29/07/2016)

Right at the time the entire people entered the war of resistance against the French colonialists, President Hồ Chí Minh took his time to visit Thanh Hóa. He directed the province to develop itself as a “model province” and a stable rear that aid the resistance in terms of both physical and...

The Lam Kinh historical complex (29/01/2016)

Lam Son - Lam Kinh is “sacred land and extraordinary people” region, hometown of nation’s hero - Le Loi, the originally-raise up area of Lam Son Uprising defeating Minh forces in 10 hard years (1418-1427), the eternal resting area of the Queens of Le dynasty.

Ngoc Trao base - The revolutionary base in Thanh Hoa in the pre-uprising period (29/01/2016)

In July 1941, the Thanh Hoa provincial party committee decided to choose Ngoc Trao village (belongs to Trac Nhat canton, Thach Thanh district) to be the provincial revolutionary base. On the 10th July 1941, 11 outstanding guerillas chosen from many places in the province were sent to Ngoc Trao to...

Lady Triệu (226-248) (29/01/2016)

Lady Triệu was also called Triệu Âu, Triệu Trinh Nương, and Triệu Thị Trinh. She was born on October 2nd in Bính Ngọ year, the year of the Horse (226), in the mountainous area of Quân Yên, Cửu Chân District that is now Cẩm Trướng Village, Định Công Commune, Yên Định District, Thanh Hóa Province....

The visits of uncle Ho to Thanh Hoa (29/01/2016)

After the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was found, despite many difficulties and challenges, the government and people in Thanh Hoa province with the whole country expressed their determination to firmly protect the young administration, smash all reactionary conspiracy of the hostile forces.

Khương Công Phụ (733 - 805) (22/12/2015)

Khương Công Phụ người làng Cổ Hiểm, phường Sơn Ôi, Ái Châu. Dưới thời Đường Đức Tông (780-805), Khương Công Phụ thi đậu trạng nguyên, đạt học vị Tiến sĩ và là vị trạng nguyên đầu tiên ở nước ta.

Lê Lợi (1385 - 1433) (01/10/2015)

Lê Thái Tổ tên húy là Lê Lợi, là người khởi xướng khởi nghĩa Lam Sơn chiến thắng quân Minh, trở thành vị vua đầu tiên của vương triều nhà Hậu Lê, triều đại dài nhất trong lịch sử Việt Nam.

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