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  • The book was published by the Thanh Hóa Provincial Department of Culture and Information on the occasion of commemorate the 80th year since the discovery of Đông Sơn Culture in order to introduce to the public about artifacts of Đông Sơn Culture and antiques of Thanh Hóa – the sacred land of outstanding people.

  • Of all the past activities of the Thanh Hóa Museum, scientific research has always been a focus. In 2006, the Museum published the book titled Scientific Announcement.

  • The book Bronze Drums in Thanh Hóa is an attractive work that gives a comparatively full introduction about the Đông Sơn bronze drums. It updates almost all materials about this kind of bronze drums in Thanh Hóa. Mrs. Hoàng Thị Chiến, the director of the Thanh Hóa Museum, is its chief author. The book that was published in 2013 by the Vietnam Social Sciences Publishing House consists of 291 pages in the format of 26x36,5cm.


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